Tips for packing at last minute moving

A typical move is planned several months in advance: let’s count this as the time that passes from deciding to move to unpacking in your new place of residence, or new office. This time period allows you to prepare thoroughly for the transportation of belongings and utilities, and to quickly get used to the new place.

At the same time, different circumstances can prompt a quick move – when you need to vacate your current home within a week or less. Moving at the last minute is quite stressful as you don’t have much time to prepare. It’s best to enlist the help of friends or professional movers Calgary  – this way you’ll speed up packing and handle the transportation of heavy items more easily. For such situations, you can use our packing tips:

Pack basic things separately: pills and medicines that you need for each day or may need on the way, all important documents, toiletries. These should be in a separate bag that you take with you.

There are things in every room that you rarely use, start packing with them.

Get rid of excess – find the items you definitely won’t need anymore and throw them away or sell them at a garage sale.

Use what you already have – boxes, bags, bags, laundry baskets, suitcases – to pack your belongings. If necessary, purchase boxes and cushioning materials such as packing paper and bubble wrap.

Pack similar items together to make it easier to organize and unload at the new location.

Try to fill boxes so things don’t move around inside it during transit – socks, small towels, and tissues will do the trick. Fragile items can be wrapped in towels, t-shirts, or plaids – this way you protect them and fill the space in the box. Put heavy items at the bottom of the boxes, lighter items closer to the top, making sure that the box is not too heavy.

Using a marker and colorful stickers, clearly mark the contents of each box and suitcase and the room in which the things were – to unpack them easily.

To prepare for arrival, set aside a box for things you’ll use immediately upon moving in: a change of clothes, bathroom supplies, chargers and basic kitchen appliances, linens and cleaning supplies. It’s worth leaving a box like this in easy access to unload it first.

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